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March 23, 2012

some more of my favs

 Here are a few of my favorites from the last month!

uh oh.... looking fierce in that Aggie gear.... but I'll say she looks pretty cute in BU stuff too....Jeff and I have made a bad talking each others schools in front of Ellie.

Getting so strong in the Bumbo!

Siblings learning to share.

I'm not even sure what day this was, but she was so so so happy and absolutely precious!!!

Ellie's first passport picture AKA baby mugshot.  WANTED cute baby!!

Ellie celebrated St. Patty's day with us.  It was a chore to find something with green within all her pink!

"Mommy I think I'm getting too big for the swing already :(.  The swing is my favorite these days, I put her in that thing and she goes right to sleep.  It's the only place she will nap!

Another LAM joins the flock.

Here's Ellie in action.... smiling and rolling around... her 2 favorite things!

Almost got it

Ellie is now a little over 11 weeks old (sorry I haven't been back here for so long she's kept me busy!) and is quite the little giggler.  Her happiest time is right after she wakes up.  Your sure to get a bunch of free smiles right after a nap.  You can really tell the joy she has for life.  Like any baby she gets fussy from time to time, but its rare... she's so happy each and everyday and so interested in all her surroundings.  As we broach the 3 month mark I've been working hard with her to grasp or hold things, roll over, and to hold her head up on her tummy.  We are making headway in each area.  She can ALMOST flip her self over from back to tummy.  She gets caught on the side and needs a little nudge.  Tummy to back is a little harder because she doesn't like to be on her tummy as much.  I try to get her to do tummy time and work on those head lifts about 3 times a day (if she allows).   Today I think we had a break through in the area of reaching and grabbing for things.  I guess it's kinda minor, but for a mom who watches and hopes for change each day it felt like a milestone.  I had her on her play mat by the window (my whitey needs her vitamin D).  She normally grabs one of the rings on accident but holds on, but today you can watch her right arm actively going after the hanging mirror.  She doesn't quite know that she can "grab" it, but you can tell she knows its there and knows she can reach for it... progress in my book.  I think it could be days before she "grabs" and not by accident.  She's almost got it..... I'm sure I'll be wishing she doesn't grab things when she's yanking my hair or pulling things off the table, but for now I'm happy to see her learning to use her hands!

I don't think I updated y'all with her 2 month statistics.  She was still off the charts.  The doctor likes to call her a little chunk.  I don't take offense to it because she is a pretty precious little chunk.  She measured 24 inches (97th%) and 12 lbs 10 oz (90th%).  She keeps growing and growing and is now officially out of most 0-3 month clothes!  Our next appointment is May 6th for her 4 month.  I'll let you know where she falls on the charts after that.

March 5, 2012

2 months

Here are some pictures from Saturday March 3rd - her 2 month birthday!  AND for her gift she will be getting some nice little shots today.  Although I hate the way it feels like time flies by with her and she grows so fast...I am happy to hit this two month milestone with no fevers or illnesses.  After today's vaccines she'll be ready to take on more of the world and start going to the church nursery and daycare (thankfully not for another month).  

2 month accolades include sleeping in her big girl bed upstairs regularly.  We have a nighttime routine now that we stick to every night and she took to it perfectly as she does with everything it seems.  We head upstairs about 7:30 and take a bath.  This girl loves bath time... it always gets rid of the afternoon fussy tears and boredom!  Afterwards she gets a book or a little playtime if she can handle it.  Then she takes a 5 oz bottle and gets swaddled about half way through it.  By the end of the bottle she is ready for bed time.  We play some night time lullabies and turn on her lady bug light (thanks Marin!) and mommy heads out of the room.  Sweet girl lays there for about 30 minutes counting sheep but falls asleep tearless every time.  I've never been one for routine but this is one that I have come to love and look forward to each day!  

Sorry there are so many, but I love all the different facial expressions.  She is really learning to express her self!