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May 25, 2012

Nom Nom Nom

We officially have a rice cereal eater!  She's been going at it for about 2 weeks and loves it!  This was her first few bites :)!  Took it like a champ!


Here are some long overdue Easter pics!  We had a great first Easter with Ellie!  We went to early service at Stonebriar Community Church then went for a family brunch at Bonnie Ruth's.  Ellie loved her first Easter basket!

The weekend before Easter our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was Ellie's first time to meet the Easter Bunny!

The girls had a super fun time!

4 months

I figured I better get these posted before she turns 5 months in about another week!  Month 4 completely flew by with Jeff and my travel schedules and our little"infant" seems to have turned in to a little baby.  The days of her sleeping during a nice dinner out and sitting contently in mommy's lap with her hands by her side are long gone.  She is rolling every which way on the ground....grabbing anything in site on tables and plates....her favorite things to grab right now seem to be my hair, Jeff's glasses and her foot, her foot is her FAVORITE chew toy....I don't know why we invest in any toys...this girl loves to have her foot in her mouth.  It continues to be amazing watching her change.

Here 4 month stats:

15 lbs, 6 oz. (97th percentile)
26 inches (90th percentile)