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April 5, 2012

3 months

Here are Ellie's 3 month pictures.  Ok I have to be honest 3 months, 3 days.  This week was a little overwhelming to say the least and we didn't quite make it around to these on April 3rd.  This week I started back to work and on that first day back, as most of you are all too familiar with, tornadoes were hovering all over Dallas.  I had my first uncontrollable worry of being a mother.  I can't imagine (and from what I've been told) the worrying never goes only becomes worse as they grow up.  Oh the ulcers I have to look forward to.

I am a proud momma of a 3 month old that regularly smiles, rolls over, eats 5+ ounces a meal, lifts her head on her own, holds little toys, and responds to her name!  We love her!

April 2, 2012

all for her momma

Today is my last day home with Ellie before returning to work full time tomorrow.  Tear.  I've had mixed emotions about returning... there are some positives to interacting with adults on a daily basis again :) but the thing I have been dreading the most are missing Ellie's "firsts" and not being able to watch her grow and change all day everyday.  Well sweet Miss Ellie loves her momma very much and didn't let me miss a "first".  Today she gave me her first long head lift (without fussing on her tummy) and first rollover!

This morning while we were hanging out she was acting like she wanted to be on her tummy.  I rolled her over and she proceeded to lift her head.  It's like today she discovered she has control of her head!

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, she rolled over! I put her on her mat on her back while I picked up a little around the house.  When I came back into the room I found Ellie on her tummy!  I actually missed the "first" rollover!  

So I watched and watched and finally she gave me a good roll.   I was only able to get the video of the second'll have to take my word for it that she can roll.    

Tomorrow she is 3 months and becomes a daycare regular... I'm so happy that she did all this today for her momma before we go back to reality.  It feels like the last 3 months have been a vacation from reality...a hard vacation at times...but  a vacation from the real world.  We took these 3 months to get to know each other and to grow together (momma had a lot of growing up to do too) pretty isolated from all the real world stresses.  Our biggest stress was when to get up and nap each day :)!    I would not trade any of it for anything!  Can't wait to see what the next 3 months, 3 years and 3 decades with our beautiful daughter brings!!