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January 25, 2012

My Little Model

I have been dying to share these pictures with everyone.  On January 8th we had a newborn photo shoot at our house.  She did absolutely amazing and may just be destined for modeling.  Hopefully she remembers her mom and dad when she gets famous :).   I wanted to wait until her announcements went out to share.  Technically they are "out" since I've put them in our mailbox today.  Here is a short video and some of my favorites!

January 15, 2012

Our first outing

I have been thinking about blogging day and night... every time something cute, corky, or even just a certain facial expression I think to my self I need a picture, I have to post this on the blog!  However, as most new mothers will attest to, the time just gets away from you without even realizing it!  So a few things that will come this week when I get a chance: newborn pictures (absolutely precious!), some tummy time videos, and Mr. Bo and Ellie loving on each other.  Hold tight, I'll get to it soon!

I survived the first week.  With the exception of a quick visit to the pediatrician on Monday, I had not left the house since we left for the hospital nearly 2 weeks ago!!  Yesterday we decided to venture out.  It took about 2 hours longer to get ready and load the car.  We decided to go to the mall for our first destination together as a family.  As we were walking in, Jeff and I joked that making Nordstrom's our little girls first shopping experience and first place to go ever for that  matter might be dangerous for us in the future.  We maybe should have started with Target and worked our way up :).  Nonetheless, she was an absolute angel as usual.  We walked around the mall for about 2 hours then went to our favorite sushi restaurant Ra!!  Jeff had to do a quick change between the 2.  He's a pretty good dad :)! Ra was every bit as good as I remembered it too!

January 10, 2012

Already 1 week old!

It's hard to believe Ellie is already a week old! Time is flying by and she is changing day by day! We still can't decide who she looks more like!! Our sweet friends Lindsey and Wes brought us over a birthday cake to celebrate Ellie's one week birthday! We loved it...we are gonna be some fatty's if we celebrate every week!

January 7, 2012

Our God is Great

A week ago today we were celebrating New Years day and enjoying the silence in our home as it was the last night that it was just Jeff and I (and of course Mr. Bo).   We went to bed with anticipation, anxiety, excitement, and just a general sense of readiness.  Ready we were not for the journey we were about to embark on.  

To say the last week has been crazy would be an understatement.   It's been more than crazy in the most incredible way.  I am writing this filled with tears of joy STILL (and maybe a little post pregnancy emotions too).  No really, I keep looking up at Jeff saying "Ugh I can't even write about it without crying".  It's truly the most amazing feeling having a child.   And even more amazing knowing that it's a miracle that my husband, the love of my life, and I could make together.  We created a life.  It's completely surreal, unbelievable, and a true testament to faith.  If you have ever questioned your faith, have a kid and you will know that this miracle of life does not happen with out the grace of God.  He blessed us with the most amazing gift.   Our God is great.   Jeff and I made a little video below that captures the first few days of Ellie's life.  There were just too many great pictures to only post a few.  Most of you have seen our favorites on facebook already anyways :).

As for labor, I may be the only crazy mom saying this but I thought the last 2 weeks of pregnancy was harder!  I struggled much more lugging 40 extra pounds around with aches and pains and a never ending cold.   Jeff and I checked in to the hospital at 10 pm on 1/2/12.  They don't mess around when you get there.  They hooked me up, gave me some meds, and we were on our way.  About 3 am, the nurse came in and said they needed to start the petocin because the other meds were affecting her heart rate.  At 3 am when we started the petocin I think I was only 1 cm.  I got my epidural about 5-6ish... and was maybe 2 cm.  Dr. Vu (who I absolutely love if any of y'all are looking for an incredibly supportive OBGYN) came in around 730 am and broke my water.  All the nurses and Dr. Vu said it was going to be a very long day and things would progress very slowly.  And they were as they said.... at about 10 am I was at only 4 cm.  Shortly after, I began to have the worst pains ever in my lower back.  They were excruciating and I believe I described them to Jeff as I feel like my bones are shattering on the inside of me... he laughed and the rest of the conversation was not pleasant as you can imagine.  They brought the anesthesiologist in to up my epidural since I was in so much pain.  They said that I shouldn't be in that much pain for how far along I was.  At about 10:30 am the nurse went ahead and checked me again because of my pain...and I was 10 cm and ready to go.  I did one practice push and we had Dr. Vu on her way to deliver our baby! Ellie Rose Lam was born after about 5 pushes at 10:59 am!  

Other notable labor memories:
  • Something About Mary was on TV the whole time I was pushing.  In fact it started on my first push and we were all cleaned up with grandparents in the room with the movie still running!
  • I apparently told Jeff that he should go put his contacts in for pictures when I already had legs in stirrups waiting for the doctor.  (I don't remember this at all...but clearly you always want to look your best for any photo op of course)
We were able to leave the hospital on Thursday morning.  The departure was the most chaotic part of all our days at the hospital.  Everyone wants to come in and "teach" you a little.   You're already stressed about going back to reality, actually loading your new baby into the car seat that has been empty and ready for the last month, and just general anxieties of being responsible for an actual human life other than your own.... its not like you need every nurse in the hospital to tell you how hard is can be the first few weeks.  But we endured it and life back at home has actually been pretty amazing.  We've had an phenomenal support group in our families and they have helped us daily adjust to life with a new baby.  We are just loving how she changes just a little each day.  Her face molds more into images of Jeff and I daily.  She also recognizes our voices now.  It's fascinating the progress you notice in less than 7 days!  We've so far been blessed with an angel baby. We had heard all these nightmare stories of being up all night.... well we are only 3 nights in...but it's been going great.  She doesn't cry at night really (I bet I just jinxed us!).  Jeff and I wake up and debate when to get her up and if we should wake her to feed her.  The past 3 nights we have fed her and put her down around 11.  Then we get her up for a change and feeding at 2ish and  5ish...she wakes up, eats and goes back to sleep.  Such a sweet little girl to her mommy and daddy.  We can only hope that the routine continues :).

January 2, 2012

And we're off...

We're headed to the hospital and ready to get this show on the road!

Here's the final belly picture!

And here's a shot of the original 3.... we'll be 4 when we return!!

Did you forget to pack something?

We were packing for the hospital last night and found this little guy all curled up.  He's having serious separation anxiety today and knows something is about to rock his world!