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December 28, 2011

6 days and counting...

Well, we are officially confirmed for induction on January 3rd!  We were on the wait list and fortunately for us two lucky families already had their babies so we were able to get a secured reservation at hotel Frisco Baylor for the night of January 2nd!  Jeff and I will go in around 10 pm on January 2nd, stay the night and get all prepped, then we will get to meet our sweet baby girl the next day!  Just that simple and painless (that's what I keep telling myself anyways).  I've been a little under the weather the past few days so I've been ordered by my husband and doctor to take it easy and relax on the couch.  If you know me...this is by far the hardest most painful thing that I could partake in.  But... I know that in 6 short days our lives will be a blissful chaos so I am enjoying the 7+ movies we've watched and just the time with me, Jeff, and Mr. Bo.  The calm before the storm if you will....

Here are a few pictures of the finished nursery before the havoc of dirty diapers, stinky clothes, and a screaming baby fill the room.

A girl can never have too many bows!

Pinterest inspired DIY project!

December 23, 2011

Testing 123

This week has really brought me into the 21st century. First a blog then my wonderful husband got me an iPad! Who knows maybe someday I'll get crazy and learn to use hash tags. I wanted to test out posting from the new iPad so if this goes through it worked! Nothing new to report here on baby Ellie. We are headed to an appointment this morning to check my progress before Christmas. I'll let y'all know if we learn anything exciting! Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2011

My First Blog & Baby

My sweet, amazing, creative, wonderful friend Krissy Henning has convinced me to start a blog with our growing family!  This way she can follow us from Thailand and our family and friends around the world can be a part of all the exciting things happening in the Lam Family!  She inspired me and helped me create it... I'm so grateful since I am way behind my time in all this social network and tech savvy stuff!

So.... if you haven't heard by now Jeff and I are welcoming a new little addition to our family any day now!  We are scheduled to be induced January 3rd if our sweet pea hasn't already arrived by then.  If she's anything like Jeff or I she'll come when she wants and it won't matter if it's Christmas Eve, 2 in the morning, or when my doctor is on a ski trip!  Whenever she chooses, we are so excited and can not wait to meet our sweet Ellie Rose!

Here's Ellie and my progress over the past 38 weeks!  You don't notice how much I've grown until you look at me over the weeks!  That's a big baby in there... she was estimated at 6 lbs 13 oz at 35 weeks!! Wow!

Week 10

Week 22

Week 25

Week 28

Week 35

Big Bertha - Week 37