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July 15, 2012

Half a Year

It's hard to imagine life 6 months ago, BE, before Ellie.  It's hard to imagine what we did all the time, what we laughed at, what brought us happiness.  Because now, Ellie does it all.  She has been such a joy over the past 6 months and has grown up so quickly.  We went to the doctor Friday and she remains  a super long lady at 27 3/4 inches (over 100 percentile) and 18 lbs (80th percentile).  We were quite impressed at the 18 lbs because Jeff and I were both guessing 20 +.... from the way she eats and the comments we get on her sweet thighs, we were convinced she was a little chunk.... our little beautiful chunk.  But, turns out she's just perfect!   Months 5-6 have been the biggest developmentally.  Ellie is fully mobile.  She started army crawling a little into the 5th month and now she is full on crawling everywhere.  There's no stopping her now.  I suspect that she'll start pulling herself up on things soon.  She sits up as well.  Well let me better explain myself on that one, she CAN sit up...but with the crawling it seems her only interest at this point is being on the move.  Why sit when you can get in to anything and everything anywhere you want.  And food, her favorite past time.  She has been cleared to eat anything she wants now (puree/mushed that is).... I wonder if we should start her out on sushi already :)?  She has tried, tasted, and approved the following foods: avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, green beans, apple sauce, squash, rice, and oatmeal.  She still has much more to explore but for being 6 months, she is doing fabulous!  Until next month.....

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